IMG_3647.4We are happy to announce that the online reporting tool SeeClickFix is fully operational at our Aquapath’s project page! Whoop!

If you joined us at the Water Festival on the 4th of June, you may have already had a glmpse of it.
During the Festival, we had games and discussions on water topics that had a largely global perspective. But the water at the local level is just as important, especially as this is the sphere where we can have a hands-on and a more immediate impact to keep our waterbodies enchanting and untainted.

How does it work? Simple:

  1. Note a problem, e.g. trash in the riverbed, water leakage, poisonous effluents;
  2. Take a photo of the situation, if you can;
  3. Go on to our Aquapath’s website and click on “Report”, where you can then insert the information, with marking the location and uploading the photos.
  4. Wait till it’s fixed by the authorities or, alternatively, gather up with other active citizens and fix it yourselves!

Trash in the river? Now you can report it online. Image from:

You can use the reporting tool as a “guest” or you can sign up to be a member. The latter has the benefit of being able to see to whom the issue is reported to, and how the problem is fixed.

Screen Shot 2016-08-26 at 10.59.15People all over the world are already using SeeClickFix and another wonderful thing about it is that it can be also used to getting other public problems fixed (illegal trash dumping, graffiti, potholes, fallen trees on the road etc).

Great, isn’t? So, let’s put this online reporting tool into a good use.


We are thrilled that the project “On the tracks of the Regional Products” or “Regional versorgt” is continuing this year.

The project consists of four daily excursions to the places in Freiburg and its surrounding areas where our food is produced. The aim of the project is to understand the strictly connected ecological, socio-cultural and economical consequences related to our food choices.
We experience the “journey” of the food, from its origins to the market stands, and have the opportunity to meet the food producers and the relevant actors. At the end of the day we cook (using the products that we got from the excursions) and dine together and take a moment to reflect on the experiences of the day.

In collaboration with “Die Agronauten” and Kantine Vaubanaiforia organises the programme of the 4 excursions and guides the tours.

Two excursions took place in July:

On Sunday, July 17, we visited organic food producer Klosterhof in Gundelfingen where Michael Müller, the founder of Klosterhof, gave us a fascinating insight to organic vegetable farming (e.g. using biological systems instead of pesticides), and introduced us several tomato varieties, including the beef tomato (Ochsenherz), Berner Rose and Black Krim (Schwarze von der Krim). Even global topics got covered among the regional issues, such as the expansion of large corporations in the seedlings production.

The next stop was in Emmendingen with seeds producer Jürgen Wehrle

A kind of a different task…

Andrea Burzacchini, director and founder of aiforia, has been named Chief Executive at the Mobility Agency of the Province of Modena (Italy).

resto carlino (1)

The Agency, a joint-stock company hold by the Province of Modena and 47 municipalities, has the task of managing the local sustainable mobility working in cooperation with the local governments and the public transport companies.
Local media and stakeholders have emphasised Andrea’s work in Freiburg and showed expectations about his goals (“to switch from a mostly private car based mobility towards better figures for walking, bicycle and public transport”).
From the beginning of July, Andrea will spend a week per month in his former hometown Modena.
We wish him a great success in this hard challenge!

The Big Finale in Villa Reale!

With wonderful weather, superb organization (thank you Lucia, Benedetta, Antonio and Commune di Monza!! È stato bellissimo!) and fantastic people we took part in the last Aquapath project meeting in Monza. Although the Final Meeting is over there is still a lot of communication and, possibly, collaboration ahead of us. In the meantime, you guys can all check out the cool gadgets Aquapath has developed in here: 2FullSizeRender2

Free AQUAPATH workshop on June 23, 2016 at Eco-Intensive Month

Those who missed the Aquapath Water-Festival on June 4,  2016 and /or prefer to speak English will have a second chance to get a glimpse of what the “Water Footprint” is all about, and how we all can contribute to a more sustainable use of water on our “blue planet”. We will try to put it in a nutshell, with a short presentation, some intensive discussion (hopefully), the “Water Footprint memory”, and a quiz.

Join us on June 23, 2016 in the Reading Room 01072 of the Freiburg University College (2nd floor in Bertoldstr. 17, 79098 Freiburg). Participation is free of charge, but seats are limited, so please make sure you arrive on time. See you!

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Dem schlechten Wetter zum Trotz: jede Menge Besucher beim AQUAPATH Wasser-Festival!

Trotz schlechtem Wetter (Wasser-Festival, eben!) haben am Samstag, den 4.6. viele Menschen das Waldhaus besucht und viele tolle interaktive Übungen, Erklärungen und Spielen rund ums Wasser miterlebt! Auf den Spuren des Wasserfußabdrucks in Rahmen des EU-Projekts #‎Aquapath, haben nicht nur die kleinste etwas neues über Wasserkonsum gelernt, sondern auch die weniger klein…

Vielen Dank an alle Teilnehmer/innen!


In 2015 Aiforia’s got the BLUE

b6654f230fThese days aiforia is all about water. The two new projects Aquapath and Water Explorer will send the project advisers and the participants on an exciting adventure into the secrets of life’s most precious substance. And there will be surprises indeed, as one will learn about the immense amounts of virtual water in food and products, about the vital value of conscious water handling on a global scale, about how easy it can be to reduce your personal water footprint and much more… Apropos blue, have you ever heard of green, grey, even black water?