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Are you searching for ways to improve your sustainability performance? Be reassured, you're not alone -and you don't have to reinvent the wheel!

We have a history working with local authorities - villages, towns, cities and regions - as well as private companies, Universities, schools and other organisations from around the world. With our help you will be able to tap into the vast pool of knowledge and local experiences accumulated worldwide.

aiforia GmbH and aiforia - ecoculture e.V. dispose of comprehensive competencies. Below you will find an overview of the services we offer to make this happen:

Study tours

With our office located in the “Green City” Freiburg (Germany), we feel privileged to be able to invite you to come and learn about the sustainability hotspots of the city and its region, such as: eco-model district Vauban, plus-energy buildings, integrated mobility concept, ecological farms, citizen-based eco-power stations, renewable energy applications and much more. We organise interactive tours and workshops for local authority representatives, councillors as well as NGOs, school classes etc., tailored to your needs and interests.

Support for funded projects

For a local authority - or for any private or public entity - taking part in local and international projects offers many opportunities: an effective way for you to develop and implement your own ideas, to discuss them with partners from other cultural backgrounds, learn alternative ways to solve problems, market your organisation internationally, and make valuable contacts. It may even be a way for you to fund your working resources.

However, tender proposals use a complicated language, are time-consuming, and can be a daunting task for the inexperienced. At aiforia we support your organisation all along the different steps of project realisation, from its initial conceptualisation to its implementation and dissemination. For long-term partnerships, we also develop and coordinate multi-stakeholder projects to support mutual learning between different actors worldwide.
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1. Conceiving the idea

aiforia helps you translate your ideas into the most suitable project concept.

People working in local organisations have needs to cover and challenges to solve -but there are aslo good practices and solutions to be used: conceiving a project means finding the most suitable framework to interconnect these, while using a a language and a logic which can be understood and appreciated by other partners - and possible funders!

2. Fund-raising

LIFE+, INTERREG, Intelligent Energy Europe, EuropeAid and FP7 are only some of the many international programmes which issue new calls for tenders every week. Thanks to their long experience, aiforia's consultants support you in finding the most suitable programme for your project and in tailoring your proposal to the programme's prerequisites and conditions.

  3. Partner-search

Finding good partners is key to the project's success. With our contacts world-wide, we can easily put you in touch with other cities, provinces and organisations interested in your ideas, creating in this way a international consortium which will add strength to your project.

4. Proposal writing

We have a track record in proposal writing and are able to tackle the “traps” hidden in the programme's rules and to answer all doubts or constraints you may come across. Upon your request, aiforia will support you through all of the different stages involved in writing a proposal: from the concept note to the application form; from the administrative data to the technical part, from the financial documents to the budget. Moreover we can co-ordinate the negotiation phase with the partners of the project for you.

5. Implementation of the project

Once the project has been approved, aiforia can take on different roles -be it as partner or as a sub-contractor- thanks to the competencies of its experts. Supporting the project management, we prepare, facilitate and follow-up project meetings, organise and moderate workshops and events and develop communication and dissemination strategies. We have expertise in many fields, and will use our connections to find useful links with other experts and projects.

6. Dissemination

The main risk once a project is completed is that its results are archived without further impact. aiforia supports the consortium during the final phase of the project, making sure that results are translated into guidelines, brochures or other publications and disseminated to the most relevant networks at events. Moreover, aiforia can accompany the follow-up process, in order to ensure that new methods and tools are further implemented during the years following the programme's end.

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Local and international events

Workshops and seminars can be splendid opportunities for intensive, focussed exchange between different stakeholders. We have the means to make your events efficient and worthwhile, be they participatory workshops, seminars, expert talks or larger conferences. In a result-oriented manner, we help you to define an appropriate concept for your event, draft the agenda, select and invite international experts, actively support exchange amongst participants (through methods such as world café, fish bowl, future search workshops, charrette etc.). All of this, of course, will be embedded in a strategy to make your event sustainable even in terms of resource consumption.

Peer to peer exchange

What better way for learning and self-improvement than discussing your ideas with “critical friends” who are in a similar situation? We coordinate interaction with your peers through the organisation of meetings, exchange and adaptation of documents and facilitation of reviewing processes. Upon your specific request, we will find the most suitable partner for you to learn from and exchange ideas and experiences with in a bilateral fashion, both virtually or through on-site visits.

 As sustainability agents we explore the world for you!