Pitch your business idea!

Emerging entrepreneurs, in particular those with an intercultural background, are warmly invited to join this webinar organised by INTERREG project SEE ME IN. Maurizio La Cava, Startup Pitch Strategist at Polihub, will coach you to successfully master the art of persuading an audience of investors.

The free webinar is held in 2 parts – we recommend to not miss either of them:

Pitching Strategy Webinar

 16.00 pm – 18.00 pm (CET)

1to1 Interactive Pitch Coaching

11.00 pm – 13.00 pm (CET)

All you need to do is register for free at


and make sure you are online at the given times.   

Our handbook “INVENTORY OF NATURE-BASED INNOVATIONS” is finally here!

Our handbook “INVENTORY OF NATURE-BASED INNOVATIONS” is finally here!
As part of the NABI project, together with our international partners, we collected exemplary practices from municipalities that applied innovative solutions in the area of green space and rainwater in this online publication. The nature-based solutions presented focus on good examples of green space management, urban forests, rainwater collection, biodiversity enhancement, as well as blue and green infrastructure schemes and other examples from all over Europe.

NABI – Nature-based Innovations for Urban Green and Stormwater Management is an Erasmus + Project in cooperation with the partners: Reflex Environmental Association (Hungary), Cospe – Cooperazione per lo Sviluppo dei Paesi Emergenti Onlus (Italy), Klimabündnis Österreich Gemeinnützige Förderungs- und Beratungs GmbH (Austria), FocusEco Center (Romania), Istarska Razvojna Agencija (Croatia).

Here you can find the handbook.

Milan Design Week 2021

The international Milan Furniture Fair “Salone del Mobile” is not limited to designers with world fame and paying audience in the exhibition halls, but also offers a stage for the new generation in the creative scene. During the “Milan Design Week” various districts of Milan are transformed for a week into a showcase for young creatives, craftsmen and designers, this year from 05 to 10 September 2021.

Also present this year was the Freiburg [p3] lab, which enables young people with a refugee and migrant background to enter the world of work as carpenters and at the same time makes a name for itself with innovative designs. One of the lighthouse projects, a mobile kitchen as a bicycle trailer had been selected as part of the exhibition of the cooperative exhibition “Multicultural Intelligence” organized by the Interreg project SEE ME IN. Through the coordination of the Municipality of Milan and the Fondazione Politecnico, the cultural center La Stecca 3.0. in the “Design District Isola” was chosen to host the exhibition.

Through our project SEE ME IN we had the opportunity to enable the participation of the [p3] lab. Four other companies were selected from the other project partners:

  • Ke Chic (Italy), an Italian-Sengali textile design collective based in Milan, which also decorated the exhibition space at Stecca 3.0 to become the “African House”
  • Puro Amor (Croatia), a Peruvian-born artist with a passion for Croatian wordplay
  • Multipraktik (Hungary), furniture and plywood creations from Serbian-Hungarian inspiration
  • Djeliso (Italy), workshop and courses for African musical instruments in cooperation between artists from Burkina Faso and Italy

On the evening of September 08, 2021 there was a public stage at La Stecca 3.0 for those involved in the exhibition “Multicultural Intelligence”. Under the moderation of Andrea Philipp individual ways and creative business concepts of the craftsmen and artists became clear, some hurdles that still have to be overcome, but also potentials. Some of these could already be tapped in the exchange among the temporary project design collective, others became visible in expert discussions with successful companies. Last but not least, the tours of the “Design Districts” accompanied by the Milan organizers and the visit to the official furniture fair “Salone del Mobile” provided further inspiration and contacts. The [p3] workshop also considered its participation in the Design Week a great success and will certainly turn some of the ideas, impulses and contacts into new innovations in its multicultural wood and metal workshop.

Workshop-Reihe “Der grüne Faden in der Mode”

Nichts berührt uns alle so sehr wie unsere Kleidung – verschiedenste Textilfasern, die unsere Haut jeden Tag rund um die Uhr schützend umgarnen, wärmen oder beschatten und uns dabei wohl und schön fühlen lassen. Manchmal jedoch juckt, kneift oder zwickt unsere Kleidung aber auch, und zwar nicht nur unsere Haut, sondern auch unser Gewissen. Erschreckende Meldungen über Anbau- und Produktionsbedingungen, von einstürzenden Nähfabriken und vergifteten Flüssen tragen dazu bei. Was steckt dahinter und was können wir tun, um uns wohl in unserer (zweiten) Haut zu fühlen? 

Mit dieser Workshop-Reihe wollen wir von aiforia GmbH & e.V., Lernort Kunzenhof e.V. und Doris Brose Schnittkonzept den Weg von den Rohstoffen zur Kleidung verfolgen – ganz praktisch und aktiv – und dabei die Entwicklungen der Textilindustrie und Modeszene beleuchten. 

Die geplanten Termine sind: 18. Juni, 25 .Juni, 09. Juli und 16. Juli (jeweils Freitag 13-18 Uhr) mit folgenden Themen:

18. Juni: Stroh zu Gold (Das Hemd aus dem eigenen Garten): In diesem Workshop lernen wir unsere einheimischen Natur-Textilfasern wieder kennen. (Ort: Kunzenhof)

25. Juni: Der Grüne Knopf an der Mode (Zubehör und Verarbeitung): In einem gemeinsamen Rundgang durch die Innenstadt treffen wir auf AkteurInnen, die sich mit  Verarbeitung und Handel von Mode auskennen, und explizit auch mit Nachhaltigkeitsfragen bei der  Textilproduktion. Wir erfahren, worauf wir beim Kauf von Kleidung achten können, wenn uns  ökologische Materialien und faire Arbeitsbedingungen am Herzen liegen. Was verbirgt sich hinter  den verschiedenen Gütesiegeln und „grünen“ Labels? (Ort: Innenstadt)

09. Juli: Von Farben und Fäden: In diesem Workshop werden wir ganz praktisch das atemberaubende Handwerk der Pflanzenfärberei kennenlernen. (Ort: Kunzenhof)

16. Juli: Kleidung nachhaltig nutzen (Re-/ Upcycling Workshop). (Ort: VHS im Colombi-Eck)

Der Kurs ist begrenzt auf 8 TeilnehmerInnen, damit der Gesundheit aller Sorge getragen werden kann. Wir würden die Termine nur verlegen wollen (Herbst 2021 oder Frühjahr 2022), falls die jeweils aktuellen Vorgaben es erfordern. 

Anmeldungen für die Workshop-Reihe nehmen wir am liebsten per eMail an info@aiforia.eu entgegen, sind aber auch telefonisch erreichbar unter 0761-45877832 (ggf. Name und Tel.Nr. hinterlassen, damit wir zurückrufen können).  

Das Projekt wird gefördert durch den BNE-Fonds der Stadt Freiburg.


Our new ERASMUS+ Project started!

Intrigued by the immense resiliency capacity of natural ecosystems, our team is delighted to join a new endeavour to explore “Nature-Based Innovations for Urban Forest and Rainwater Management” (short: NABI), as is the title of a 3-year project under ERASMUS+ programme. December 14 has seen the official, yet virtual kick-off meeting with 5 more organisations and institutions from all over Europe (Austria, Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Romania respectively): a great warm-up on the topic with partners sharing examples, discussing definitions and framing the context of Nature-Based Innovations to be focussed on. Schemes for water retention, increased biodiversity and sustainable forest management shall be amongst them.

In a first step, we will study good practice examples from all over Germany (and partners’ countries) and assess them for adaptability. Such Nature-Based Innovations case studies shall feed the development of a learning manual to support local decision-makers and experts, showcasing innovations in urban green space management and exemplary regulation of green space management.

Practicioners and experts in natural resource management, in particular forest and water management are very welcome to get in touch with us and share their experience.

In return, we will organise multiplier events for stakeholders in local communities to inform about the proceeedings an findings, so stay tuned for updates on NABI on our website and facebook!

Contact: info@aiforia.eu

The NABI project consortium joining virtually for the kick-off     

Example of urban rainwater management in Freiburg Vauban

We are on BBC!

We are really happy to see how a day spent together with one of the aiforia experts turns into a splendid article on the city of Freiburg and its 360 ° sustainability.

During a bike tour we accompanied the BBC journalist Kat Barber to visit the emblematic places of the city, that make it clear where the name Green City takes its origins from.

The article ends with unanswered question: “So, what does the future hold for a city already pushing the envelope? “… Aiforia can only tell you to stay tuned and find out together the many new projects that this city still has in store!

We thank Kat Barber again for relying on our experience and for having managed to enclose the essence of Freiburg and our visits in her article.

To read the full article: http://www.bbc.com/travel/story/20200715-freiburg-germanys-futuristic-city-set-in-a-forest

Looking ahead again!

The last few weeks have also been quite confusing for us and in many things we had to find flexible and creative solutions in a very short time, which is an enormous challenge! Nevertheless, we would like to look ahead now and are hopeful and full of zest for action. Even though there are still some restrictions for visitor groups, we are happy to welcome you to the “Green City” Freiburg!

Stunning Intercultural Fashion Show

What a magnificent evening! On Saturday, 07.03., we transformed the foyer of E-Werk Freiburg into a catwalk for our Intercultural Fashion Show and the crush was absolutely overwhelming! The designers Evgeniya Scherer, Luana Neves von Dobeneck, Hanna Ali, Marie-Louise Rosemann (KIRSCHMOND) and the project group “Keep Together” around Héba Lotfi took the enthusiastic audience with their unique and inspiring designs into far away and fantastic worlds and received standing ovations for this. Afterwards DJ Browncat made sure with the appropriate beats that the party and dancing could be celebrated in an exuberant atmosphere. We are absolutely impressed and would like to thank everyone who made this evening possible: All the designers for their courage and breathtaking creations, all the gorgeous models for walking the red carpet, Jasmin Ateia for her excellent moderation, E-Werk for the great collaboration, Muthivhi Khathutshelo for the idea, the music and his networking, Jutta and the team of Fluxus for their tireless efforts at the bar, Micha Klaehn for the wonderful photos, Brasilikum for the live percussion and all the others who were not mentioned by name! This evening has shown us what exciting sides and diverse possibilities European funding projects can offer!

For more infos about the designers see here.

Let´s make it happen!

Let´s make it happen! – Facciamo in modo che accaba! Questo slogan del marketing nazionale lussemburghese ha caratterizzato anche il secondo scambio internazionale di formazione nel nostro progetto ERASMUS + “Identities – Much More than Cards” dal 19 al 23 marzo 2018: dopo 14 mesi di studio intensivo di metodi e materiali sull’Intercultura e l’integrazione dei rifugiati, più di venti insegnanti, tutor e volontari a tempo pieno si sono riuniti nella città di Lussemburgo per sperimentare il programma di formazione sviluppato. Sia che si tratti di lezioni, esercizi di gruppo, interazioni culturali o giochi di carte, il nostro gruppo di progetto internazionale si è rivelato un campo di prova ideale per verificare la comprensibilità e l’utilità dei singoli elementi. Questi sono rivolti a rifugiati e migranti (così come ad altre persone interessate) e sono organizzati in 6 moduli: lingua, comunicazione interculturale, Unione Europea, forza lavoro, imprenditorialità e impegno sociale. Particolare attenzione è rivolta alla promozione dell’imprenditorialità.

Fino a luglio 2018, le persone interessate hanno la possibilità di partecipare alla fase pilota locale del programma di apprendimento “Identità” in Italia, Lettonia, Lussemburgo, Portogallo, Turchia (e Germania), prima della pubblicazione finale dei moduli – attraverso corsi individuali offerti dai partner e una piattaforma comune di e-learning in 6 lingue.

Per la migliore rilevanza pratica possibile, aiforia organizza i contenuti dell’avvio di un’impresa e del green business nell’ambito del progetto EST “Regional Potato instead Couch Potato” e collabora con un agricoltore professionista, un cuoco, un esperto di sementi e un’associazione interculturale.

Let´s make it happen! Maggiori informazioni e possibilità di registrazione sul sito info@aiforia.eu.

Tirocinio per Study Visit Friburgo

Stiamo cercando un(a) giovane laureato/a di madrelingua italiana, per affiancare i nostri esperti nell’organizzazione e realizzazione di visite tecniche alla città di Friburgo (Study Visit Friburgo), ed eventualmente per l’assistenza in progetti internazionali.
La durata del tirocinio è di 8 mesi, da ottobre 2017 a maggio 2018, il luogo di lavoro è Freiburg im Breisgau.

Requisiti richiesti

  • Laurea in scienze ambientali o simili, con focus su politiche ambientali
  • Ottima conoscenza di inglese e tedesco
  • Conoscenza della cultura politica e sociale della Germania di oggi
  • Capacità comunicative e didattiche (soprattutto nei confronti di giovani), conoscenza di tecniche interattive di workshop
  • La conoscenza della città o l’aver effettuato periodi di studio a Friburgo rappresenta un valore aggiunto

Condizioni del contratto
Si offre un contratto a tempo determinato per 8 mesi, su una base settimanale di ca. 20 – 25 ore, con uno stipendio lordo di ca. 770 – 960 € mensili, 2,5 giorni di ferie al mese. Si offre inoltre formazione specifica.

Si prega di inviare CV e espressione di interesse ad aiforia, scrivendo a a.burzacchini@aiforia.eu entro il 15 luglio 2017.

What we are up to a.k.a. new projects

The last few months have been rather busy but thoroughly enjoyable at our offices: two new projects have kicked off, there have been several groups for study visits, we have been in collaborative sessions for future projects, and many other activities (including developing our IT skills).

Thus, we are a little behind with the news of our new projects, although, if you have followed us on Facebook, you are already aware of the Interreg project meeting in Prague. But we have also been to Dobele, Latvia.

Local Renewables Conference 2016


                                        Historical Merchants’ Hall

Last week took place the seventh Local Renewables Conference in Freiburg. Organized by ICLEI and cities of Freiburg and Basel, the three-day program included plenaries, workshops, speeches, guided tours, cross-border travelling and the most delicious chocolate brownies.

The conference started off with a post-Fukushima theme where it became clear that Japan is transitioning towards locally produced renewable energies. Even though the renewable share in the national power supply is still rather low, the interest and commitment is possibly higher than in Europe. Especially fascinating was the energy and community concept of Miyama.


IMG_3647.4We are happy to announce that the online reporting tool SeeClickFix is fully operational at our Aquapath’s project page! Whoop!

In case you joined us at the Water Festival on the 4th of June, you may already have had a glimpse of it. During the Festival, we had games and discussions on water topics that had a largely global perspective. But the water at the local level is just as important, especially as