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 Why Freiburg?

muensterThe city of Freiburg is the ideal destination for fascinating sustainability-themed study visits and seminars. Every year thousands of visitors come here, to enjoy the amazing landscape at the foothills of the Black Forest and the cultural events in one of Europe’s oldest University towns. Possibly more notable, people come to Freiburg to learn, first-hand, about sustainability and the future of urban living. Countless awards and prizes gained Freiburg global recognition as one of the leading Environmental Capitals of Europe.

aiforia’s study visits and guided tours are designed to allow you profound insights into municipal strategies, innovative technologies and applied practices of urban sustainability to which Freiburg owes its success.

aiforia is official partner agency of the Green City Freiburg.

Which topics can be explored in Freiburg?

Renewable Energies and Sustainable Building

A tour through the Eco-Model-Districts Vauban and Rieselfeld as well as the retrofitted district Weingarten with ground-breaking projects in the fields energy efficient construction and local energy supply.

Sustainable Mobility

Experience Freiburg’s intermodal transport network, the Regional Transport Group and initiatives on mobility alternatives.

Ecological Agriculture and Biodiversity Protection

Meet producers, cooperatives and Freiburg’s green economy companies working in the fields of regional horticulture, farming and viticulture.

Green Entrepreneurship

Learn about the founding organisations of the Green City Freiburg such as the Solar Info Centre, the Green City Cluster the Green Industrial Park and the Grünhof.

Citizen participation

Insights into Freiburg’s long tradition of citizens’ involvement in participation processes in land use and budget planning. How was the development of Freiburg’s Eco-Model-Districts influenced by their residents?

Environmental Policy Education

Learn and discuss green topics during visits to leading environmental education centres, including the Waldhaus (Forest house), the Ökostation (Ecological station), the Kinderabenteuerhof (Children’s adventure park) and Freiburg University.

Customized to your needs

We offer tailored study visits and seminars lasting from two hours up to a week. Our programs consist of walking tours, presentations, meetings with experts, bicycle tours, interactive workshops and visits to facilities. If desired, we also take care of the logistics for your journey and accommodation.

To whom are our offers dedicated?

  • Schools and Universities (Secondary schools, technical colleges, international study programs etc.)
  • Municipalities (mobility and energy departments, urban planning offices etc.)
  • Expert groups (chambers of commerce and industry, architects, engineers etc.)
  • Organizations and unions (project groups, delegations, associations, institutions etc.)

aiforia is an official partner of the Freiburg´s Green City Office for organizing study visits and guided tours and a member of Green City Cluster.

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