What we are up to a.k.a. new projects

The last few months have been rather busy but thoroughly enjoyable at our offices: two new projects have kicked off, there have been several groups for study visits, we have been in collaborative sessions for future projects, and many other activities (including developing our IT skills).

Thus, we are a little behind with the news of our new projects, although, if you have followed us on Facebook, you are already aware of the Interreg project meeting in Prague. But we have also been to Dobele, Latvia.

IMMCs project meeting (photos by Dobele Training Centre)


At the end of January, the first IDENTITIES project meeting took place in Dobele (which is a wonderful town to visit, especially in January where there’s the fluffy snow and comfy indoors with hot beverages). IDENTITIES: Much More than Cards (IMMCs) facilitates the integration of migrants and with a focus on entrepreneurship. As an Erasmus+ project, this is carried out by developing training programmes that are implemented via strategic partnerships in 6 EU countries: Latvia, Germany, Portugal, Luxembourg, Turkey and Italy.


The other new project for aiforia is Attractive Danube: Improving Capacities for Enhancing Territorial Attractiveness of the Danube Region. The project is funded by Interreg Danube Transnational Programme with 12 project partners and 7 associated partners from the Danube region*. As the project name announces, the aim of the project is to monitor and increase territorial attractiveness for visitors, residents and investors. To achieve this, the project also focuses on good governance and involves collaborations with policy planners.

                             At the Attractive Danube Kick-off Meeting in Prague                                     (Photo by the First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association)


For more information and links, have a look at our ongoing projects.

*As you probably know, Danube is the longest river in the EU and it originates not far from aiforia’s offices. The Danube rivers begins about 60 km from Freiburg and flows for almost 2900 km while journeying through 9 countries. 


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