Attractivity, social entrepreneurship and migration at aiforia 2019

The new year has long started and the team of aiforia officially opened it with a joint dinner to appreciate what 2018 has brought in developments, and to toast to the key topics of 2019: attractivity, social entrepreneurship and migration shall be at the core of our work. These keywords represent the INTERREG- project “Attractive Danube” ( which we will conclude with two more capacity building seminars in Regensburg and Freiburg, and the new INTERREG- project “See Me In” (Social Entrepreneurship as an enabling Environment for Migrants’ Emplyoment and Integration) which will see the kick-off this spring.
We are also proud that our “Study Visit Friburgo” campaign ( is continuously attracting Italian pupils and teachers to “migrate” to Freiburg for a week-long insight to our Green City. In the February update for official eco-tour guides like aiforia, city officials have revealed the latest developments and future plans which we feel honoured to share with interested visitors – not only pupils, but students, planners, technicians, or citizens the like. Get in touch with us to learn more about our tours, seminars and projects!

Impressions of our first italian students’ groups in 2019…

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