“Sending SignalS! together in Freiburg” with EnergizAIR²

Buggi50_modelOn 11th and 12th July 2014 the Sustainability Days of Baden-Württemberg are offering several activities. Also aiforia is inviting to a workshop in the framework of the current project EnergizAIR² in cooperation with fesa e.V. : “Switch on the weather – Energy from Sun and Wind”. This workshop intends to make renewable energies more tangible and provides plenty of information on the generation of energy from weather – especially from photovoltaic, solar thermal installations and wind parks. Connecting these with the personal electricity and hot water needs, the participants are learning about the possibilities of a sustainable energy consumption and the ways of implementing in practice at home.

The workshop will take place in “Quartiersbüro Weingarten-West, Bugginger Str. 50” on Friday the 11th July, from 3 to 5 pm. Anyone who is interested in joining is very welcome. We would be very grateful if you could let us know in advance, just a short eMail to info@energiewetter.de.

The workshop is sponsored by the City of Freiburg from the funds “Education for Sustainable Development” and is the first of 4 planned workshops which will be organised in cooperation with FAIRburg e.V. and fesa e.V. Target group are citizens of Freiburg, including those with little knowledge of German language – since the intercultural association FAIRburg e.V. supports the workshops upon request in the respective mother tongue. Please contact Andrea Philipp from aiforia to make an appointment for a workshop. The costs are borne by the funds of “Education for Sustainable Development”.

You will find further information to the days of action and the program at: http://www.freiburg.de/pb/,Lru/638199.html

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