N. Andrea Philipp



Born 1973 in Heidelberg, Germany

Dipl.Ing. Architecture (TU Karlsruhe), M.Sc. Environmental and Resource Management (BTU Cottbus, UFMG Belo Horizonte), Cert. Applied Cultural Sciences (TU Karlsruhe), Cert. Permaculture Design (German Permaculture Academy)

Combining expertise in urban planning and the principles of environmental and resource management, Andrea knows about the conflicts as well as the potential of sustainable development in cities and rural areas.

She has a long track record of working for and with local authorities in various fields and different roles: be it as facilitator of national and international projects on resource conservation, sustainable lifestyles and urban governance, be it as direct mentor to city and town administrators, conceiving and conducting training seminars, elaborating recommendations and organising project meetings. As certified internal auditor of EMAS+, Andrea is skilled in supporting sustainability processes in public authorities as well as private entities.

Fields of expertise:   

•  Sustainability in land use planning and strategies to reduce land consumption

•  Conception of resilient, sustainable lifestyles against the background of climate change and peak oil

•  Cultural perspectives on sustainability and nature protection

•  Urban agriculture and subsistence farming in the context of global food production, cultivation of agro-fuels and public urban space management

•  Participatory processes and civic action for local democracy and good governance

Andrea is fluent in German and English and has a good command of Italian and French.