In 2015 Aiforia’s got the BLUE

b6654f230fThese days aiforia is all about water. The two new projects Aquapath and Water Explorer will send the project advisers and the participants on an exciting adventure into the secrets of life’s most precious substance. And there will be surprises indeed, as one will learn about the immense amounts of virtual water in food and products, about the vital value of conscious water handling on a global scale, about how easy it can be to reduce your personal water footprint and much more… Apropos blue, have you ever heard of green, grey, even black water?
Funded by Erasmus+ the Aquapath project aims to raise awareness about urging global water issues like water scarcity, water pollution and virtual water consumption by using the concept of the water footprint. As an icing on the cake an online water footprint calculator will be released by the seven project partners from six European countries. Aiforia will adapt the project documents to the German target groups and is responsible for the development of training methodologies for different EU regions.

The project Water Explorer on the other hand adresses to scool children from 8-14 years old. It’s a fun, inspiring and educational programme that empowers the youth to lead joint actions on water issues for their scools and communities. Conceived by the NGO Global Action Plan the project is supportet in 11 countries and fully funded by the HSBC Water Programme. All participating teams will get a certificate of attendence from the UNEP. Aiforia will foster the programme and recruit and support German scools in exploring the exiting world of water. Check out the colourful website under
Do you still think you only need 120 l water a day? Then stay tuned and learn for example that your cup of coffee this morning already consumed about 140 l by growing, rosting and shipping – water, that could be severely missing now where it had been taken!

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