aiforia Visits Green Demonstration Hall for School Children in Jounieh, Lebanon


aiforia was recently invited to represent the Green City of Freiburg at Lebanon’s Order of Engineers and Architects’ annual conference and speak on this year’s topic of sustainable development. Yet even more exciting than giving a speech at this prestigious event was the opportunity to some of the ambitious projects and initiatives promoting sustainability in the vicinity of the capital Beirut. One example: The Green Demonstration Hall in Jounieh.

A particularly promising project, the Green Demonstration Hall is currently being constructed under the leadership of the Lebanon Green Building Council (LGBC) at the Centre de Recherche et Développement Pédagogiques (CRDP) in Jounieh, north of Beirut. The centre itself trains school teachers in Lebanon, advises schools on their curricula and is also home to the country’s only facility providing specialised education for disabled children.

The Green Demonstration Hall, first of its kind in Lebanon, will occupy an area of 120 m2, indoor and outdoor, designed to teach school children and students basics on energy efficiency, water conservation and other environmental issues.


The indoor area will consist of a series of rooms, each dedicated to a particular topic such as “Water”, “Save Energy” or “Renewables”. The basic idea underlying the conception of the Green Demonstration Hall is that children tend to be more interested in this subjects, when they are presented in a fun way. The plan is therefore to include installations that allow children to actively engage with the different topic, for example by letting them construct a model of a water cycle or experiment with the energy usage of different types of incandescent bulbs.

The outdoor area will feature a functional model house powered entirely by renewable energies, including a photovoltaic installation and a small wind turbine.

Though the construction of the Green Demonstration Hall is proceeding apace and its inauguration is scheduled for October, the LBGC and the project team are actively looking for more sponsors to expand the range of exhibitions and ensure the projects long-term success.


With no similar educational facilities focussing on sustainability in Lebanon and sustainability currently not included in the vast majority of the country’s curricula, the Green Demonstration Hall will clearly prove to be an invaluable help in educating both children and their teachers on environmental issues and sustainability.

If you would like to know more about the Green Demonstration Hall in Lebanon or if you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the project, please contact

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