E-Learning platform published

Two years can bring a lot of development; this is something which proved right at the final meeting of the ERASMUS+ project “Identities – much more than Cards”, held in Famalicao, Portugal. From the beginning of the project we recognised that there is a great variety of involved organisations and target groups in this endeauvour to develop training material for better integration of migrants. Involved partner organisations operate in Germany, Italy, Latvia, Luxemburg, Portugal and Turkey, and the respective target groups range from newly arrived asylum seekers to migrants of the recent decades, their origins in different countries and cultures all over the world. Thus challenging the project’s objective was to develop a somewhat common curriculum and material for intercultural understanding and integration to the respective culture of the new homes of the migrants.

But we lived up to the challenge! An online platform in 7 different languages is set up to serve as the common basis of activities and tool for individual learning

Communalities and differences were discussed in the exchange during the two-day project meeting at the end of July in Portugal and we all concluded: we are looking forward to continue the good experience in activities beyond the project closure!

Here you can find the link of the platform.

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