Continuing the exploration: on the tracks of the regional products

The third “Regional versorgt” tour took place last Saturday. We left Freiburg at 11am and headed north – destination: Oberkirch.1

Arriving at Oil Mill Walz, we were greeted by Jochen Hättich who gave us an interesting insight into oil business – conventional and biological. Here are 14 different cold-pressed oils produced by using traditional (Stempelpresstechnik – still in use as it is adjustable and reparable technology) and modern technologies, which are hydropowered by a 5 m diameter water wheel.

The visit also included an opportunity to taste the carefully pressed plant oils – including mustard, apricot, macadamia and poppy oils – that were delicious.img_4823


Next tour was with Judith Wohlfarth and her mother at Hofgut Silva, or as I like to put it – Happy Pig Farm Silva. On 100 ha of land live about 90 animals which belong to two outdoor breeds: Berkshire and Tamworth. The Hofhut Silva is also a unique project: as it is not allowed to breed livestock in a forest land, they are the first to receive a special permission from the local Forest Agency to do so.img_4822-1

The reason why I like to call it a happy pig farm, is that apart from the spacious land and companionship the pigs enjoy, they also have comfortable ‘housing’ (little huts padded with hay) and a pleasant diet from the surrounding nature (grass, fruits, chestnuts, roots etc.) along with  grains (mix of wheat, barley, oats and peas or beans). When the day comes for the pigs to be slaughtered, the owners accompany them till the end and make sure that the process is as low on stress as possible.

Again here we were lucky to be invited to try some of the tasty products.

Thank you, Ölmühle Walz and Hofgut Silva, for the interesting and insightful visits!

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Regional Versorgt is created by Agronauten, Kantine Vauban and aiforia and is possible thanks to the funding from BNE-Funds of the City of Freiburg.

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