Attractive Danube: Final conference in Slovenia

From May 28-29 the final conference of the Attractive Danube project took place in Postojna, Slovenia. Project partners and invited stakeholders from research, business and public institutions joined to discuss the synergies and trade-offs of attractiveness and sustainability in the Danube region and to stress the challenges of climate protection.

Keynote speaker Prof. Lučka Kajfež Bogotaj from the University of Ljubljana highlighted the actual socio-economic trends and the limits of our ecosystems and concluded that in the long-term only a sustainable region can be attractive region.

Jasna Gabrič, Mayor of Municipality of Trbovlje, selected in the list of top 100 mayors of World Mayor Honours and elected the youngest Slovenian mayor in 2014 with 33 years presented the specific defiances of her region regarding economic growth and environmental shortcomings and which strategies have led to the best solutions.

During the final discussion the participants emphasised that the instruments that were designed during the project such as TAMP and CO-TAMP are very useful to identify and to monitor the different trends of regional development. It is therefore important that the data will be collected and updated until 2021.

The conference ended with a fantastic tour of the Škocjan caves and surrounding protected area.

Thank you to all partners for the great work: Geodetic Institute of Slovenia (Slovenia), URBASOFIA, Town and regional planning company (Romania), Bulgaria Economic Forum (Bulgaria), Institute for Spatial Planning of the Koprivnica-Križevci County (Croatia), CENIA, Czech Environmental Information Agency (Czech Republic), Lechner Non-profit Ltd. (Hungary), First Hungarian Responsible Innovation Association (Hungary), aiforia GmbH (Germany), Technical University of Kosice (Slovakia), Federal Ministry of Physical Planning (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Institute for Strategic Studies and Prognoses (Montenegro), Institute of Architecture and Urban & Spatial Planning of Serbia (Serbia) and 7 Associated Partners.

All publications and the links of TAMP and CO-TAMP are available under


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